This letter was sent to the community organizers who headed the maos chittim1 fund in Fall River, Mass.

27 Nissan, 5711,
Brooklyn, N.Y.

Greetings and blessings,

Before Pesach, your contribution to the maos chittim fund was conveyed via R. Meshulam Zalman HaKohen Schachter. Enclosed is the receipt.

I ask that thanks and a blessing be conveyed to all the donors: those who were involved, and the members of their households.

Maos chittim is connected with the statement made at the beginning of the celebration of Pesach [at the start of Seder]: “May all those who are hungry come and eat. May all those who are needy come and celebrate Pesach.” Before we begin the Seder ourselves, we assure all those who are needy that we will give them everything they require. [Only] afterwards do we approach the Seder ourselves. [Our care for others] gives us the merit to truly experience “the Time of our Freedom.” This is one of the things that we achieve through tzedakah in general and through maos chittim in particular. Indeed, by giving tzedakah and maos chittim, we achieve a lot more for ourselves than for the other person, for by giving, we are freed from material and spiritual worries and truly experience “the Season of our Freedom” in an individual sense. Moreover, speedily in our days, we will merit the collective experience of “the Season of our Freedom” when G‑d will take us all out of exile led by Mashiach and bring us to the true and Ultimate Redemption.

With blessings for all types of material and spiritual goodness,