By the Grace of G‑d
Rosh Chodesh Nissan,
5738. Brooklyn, N.Y.

Mr. Shlomo Yosef Zippel

Greeting and Blessing:

It is quite some time since I heard from you and while “no news is good news,” I would be pleased to hear explicitly that this is so for you and all the family.

To reiterate again, may G‑d grant that henceforth you should only have good news to report, the kind of good that is revealed and evident. And the Zechus of your activities to help other Jews to fulfill the Divine commandment, “serve G‑d with joy,” which includes two things, to learn Torah and do the Mitzvoth, as well as to do this with joy, and since this is a commandment in our Torah, which is called Toras Emes, it is certain that G‑d provides the good reason for much joy both materially and spiritually, which makes the joy complete and true.

Pursuant to the above, it is with particular pleasure that I can share with you a most gratifying matter which came to me unexpectedly a few days ago, in the auspicious month of Adar, making it even more joyous. I refer to the great and pleasant surprise of receiving a letter from your son Dov Boruch, full of good tidings, namely that he is learning at Yeshiva, that he intends to learn there the whole year, that the Yeshiva is in the Old City of Jerusalem, a Yeshiva exclusively dedicated to Torah study and, on top of all that, the letter discusses one of the basic concepts in Chassidus.

It is not unusual for a Jew to complain when the opportunity arises, so I could file a complaint for not having received this good news from you. However, this is not the purpose of my letter at all, but solely to share with you the good news, as mentioned above. It is additionally highly gratifying to see that your son is studying the Torah and Chassidus not only with devotion and dedication, but also in depth. May G‑d grant that you and all the family should have true Yiddish Nachas, which is Torah Nachas coupled with Chasidish Nachas, in good health and prosperity, both in the ordinary sense of Parnosso, as well as in the spiritual sense as disseminators of G‑d’s Torah and Mitzvoth to the fullest extent of your ability.

At this time, with the approach of Pesach, I extend to you and all yours prayerful wishes for a Kosher and inspiring Yom Tov, and for a growing measure of liberation from all distractions, in the fullest sense of our great Festival of our Freedom.

With blessing,
M Schneerson