By the Grace of G‑d
4th of Iyar, 5738
Brooklyn, N. Y.

Prof. & Mrs. Pesach Bezalel
& Sara Rifka Rosenbloom

Greeting and Blessing:

To begin with a Brocho, I want to convey to you my sincere appreciation of your good wishes for my health and in connection with my birthday.

I prayerfully reciprocate your good wishes by reiterating the Divine Promise to our Father Abraham, “I (G‑d, the Source of all blessings) will bless them that bless you.”

Accordingly, may G‑d bestow His generous blessings on you and your children and all yours, in all needs, especially to have true Yiddish Chassidish Torah Nachas from each other and from each and all of your children, and to enjoy it in good health and Hatzlocho in all affairs.

I was particularly pleased that your good wishes were accompanied by your recently concluded work which, I trust, is the forerunner of further accomplishments in this area as well as in related fields, for which I wish you a special Hatzlocho.

I am particularly appreciative of your devoted and untiring effort to prepare for publication the paper of my late brother, Olov HaSholom. Although it is not in my field, I can see clearly that this was not simply a case of editing, but represents almost a total revision and reworking of the paper. In addition to being instrumental in the publication of it as perfectly as possible, it is also a case of Gemilus Chesed for one who is in the World of Truth, which is designated as "Chesed Shel Emes," and is one of the highest forms of Chesed. I appreciate what you have done more than I can express here in words.

Again wishing you and all yours good health and prosperity, materially and spiritually,

With blessing,

/The Rebbe’s signature/