B"H, Motzaei Tisha B’Av,
May it (and all other fast days) be speedily transformed into glad, joyous and festive days,
Wednesday of the Torah Portion “G‑d spoke to you face to face,”
5744. Brooklyn, N.Y.

Greetings and Blessings!

. . . In keeping with the Jewish custom, which itself is Torah, to sanctify the moon specifically on Motza’ei Tisha b’Av,

Which is in accordance with the reason stated explicitly in numerous places that this serves as a glad tiding that the Jewish people and the Shechinah will be renewed just like the moon, as well as the fact that Moshiach was born on Tisha B’Av at Minchah time,

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Click to enlarge the original Hebrew letter

It is therefore the appropriate time to renew the stimulus for making good resolutions regarding all aspects of teshuvah and Torah and mitzvos, which will serve to nullify the causes of the exile that (specifically) resulted from “But because of our sins, we were exiled from our land.” In turn, with the nullification of the cause, there is also immediate (nullification of its result—the exile, with immediate) redemption.

Since the potency of public resolutions is truly great—the above should be accepted when multitudes congregate together in a joyful farbrengen, joy that finds expression in speaking words of Torah, which gladdens the heart and enlightens the eyes, and which breaks boundaries and limitations in Torah study and performing mitzvos in the most beautiful manner,

Farbrengens that are held particularly in the propitious days that are close to Tisha B’Av, and at least: on the 15th of Av and “its” Shabbos that follows it, as well as the Shabbos that follows—the Shabbos that blesses the month of Elul, the month of reckoning (and the makeup month) for the days of this year.

And by doing so three times we establish a chazakah, the chazakah of Torah and its mitzvos consistently performed with joy and gladness of heart.

With blessings for much success in all the above, which will also serve to hasten and summon that very soon there shall be fulfilled the pledges/assurances that these days that have just departed will be transformed into “glad, joyous and festive days; love truth and peace (ahavas Yisroel),”

“And they will know that You, whose name is Havayah, are alone, most exalted over the entire earth,”

With the true and complete redemption through Moshiach Tzidkeinu,

/The Rebbe’s signature/

P.S. The Shabbos Kodesh following the 15th of Menachem Av is the 20th of Menachem Av, the day of the 40th yahrtzeit and hillula of my revered father, Rabbi Levi Yitzchak, son of my revered grandfather, Rabbi Boruch Shneur, of blessed memory.

Click to enlarge the Rebbe's handwritten postcript
Click to enlarge the Rebbe's handwritten postcript

There rests upon me both the obligation as well as the great merit to propose, request, etc., that on this day there should be studied from his Torah during the farbrengen, and that tzedakah be given l’zeicher nishmaso,

Since he had mesirus nefesh for the dissemination of Judaism among the Jews who were “behind the Iron Curtain,” for which reason he was incarcerated and sentenced to exile, passing away while in exile, which is where he is interred,

May his merit protect us, and all of the Jewish people, shlita.