Treatment by a Naturopath

With regard to [being treated by] a naturopath — it depends upon your knowledge of whether he has been successful in the past.

(Igros Kodesh, Vol. XXIV, p. 387)

Chiropractic Medicine

In reply to your letter of ... which you write at the request of parents whose son sheyichye suddenly stopped speaking.

After trying many forms of therapy, they tried healing their son by treating, [i.e., manipulating,] the spinal bones, and an improvement was observed. They wish to know whether to continue this form of treatment:

It would seem from the meager number of words that you write about the treatment, that this is a form of treatment that many doctors have begun to use of late, which is called chiropractic, which is to say that this [form of treatment] involves no paranormal [or prohibited] form of healing, etc.

This is so, [i.e., that it is a strictly physiological form of healing,] even according to those who practice chiropractic medicine, and those physicians who disagree with them [and are opposed to chiropractic medicine,] only dispute the efficacy of this form of treatment, and nothing more.

Accordingly, this should serve as an answer to the question whether it is permissible to continue going to the doctor who treated the boy [with some success].

However, since it is not my calling to answer halachic questions, particularly since there are many elements here that I am unaware of, after obtaining a thorough knowledge about all the details regarding the treatment, they should therefore turn to a rabbi in their area who regularly rules on matters of Jewish law.

Regarding the matter itself — whether it is permissible and whether it is a good idea to visit him again: Since they have seen an improvement, then it is advisable that they continue to see him.

When they will notify me of their son’s name and the mother’s name, I will mention him in prayer at the holy resting place of my father-in-law, the Rebbe, of blessed memory. May G‑d will it that just as you passed on the request [for advice, etc.,] so too should you be able to pass on glad tidings regarding the above.

Surely you can find the appropriate and understanding words with which you can explain to the boy’s parents that they are to increase their observance of Torah and mitzvos.

For no matter how good their observance is until now, there is always room for improvement, since Torah and mitzvos are connected with G‑d Who is infinite, [and thus His Torah and mitzvos are infinite as well].

Their enhanced performance will serve to increase G‑d’s blessings in all their affairs and in the affairs of their family as well.

(Igros Kodesh, Vol. XVIII, p. 548)


You write about your [deficient] health situation and that the doctors say it is related to the vertebrae of the neck:

You are surely aware that there is a system of medicine (although many physicians regard it with disdain) whereby manipulating the vertebrae — done by those who are skilled in the art of manipulation — leads to improvement in many such situations [as the one you mentioned].

Although I must say that I am not that enthusiastic about this form of medicine, experience has proved that it has been beneficial in many instances. It is worth giving it a try. I believe the name of it is chiropractic. ...

(Likkutei Sichos, Vol. XXXVI, p. 3111 )

Healing in an Unconventional Manner

In reply to your letter of the 7th of Tammuz, in which you write about Mr. ... who heals people in an unconventional manner2 and has had very good success — and a number of these people [who were successfully treated] are known to you personally. [You want to know whether you should have him treat your ill mother:]

In such a situation it is important to ascertain all the facts, particularly regarding the specifics of his success with regard to healing others: how sick they were when they turned to him and in what manner he was successful. After ascertaining the above, assemble three of your good friends, [tell them all you have learned regarding this individual and his healing,] and follow their advice.

May G‑d provide your friends with the correct decision so that they provide you with the best possible advice for [healing] your mother shetlita.

(Igros Kodesh, Vol. XI, p. 247)

Follow the Counsel of the Herbalist Naturopath

In reply to your express letter from the 29th of Shevat ... in which you write about the status of your mother shetlita’s health:

Since the management of your mother’s health by the herbalist/naturopathic doctor has been successful until now, it would be proper of you to inform him of the latest treatments and the tests taken by Dr. ... and continue to follow his advice in the future as well, particularly so since — as you write — the doctor who is treating her now agrees that the diet given your mother by the herbalist/naturopath is proper. ...

(Igros Kodesh, Vol. XIV, p. 416)

Totally Unconventional Healing

With regard to your question about using the services of Mrs. ..., who heals without using any healing remedies at all:

Inasmuch as “Torah has granted permission for the healer to heal,” I don’t understand why one should pursue unfathomablepaths.

(Igros Kodesh, Vol. VII, p. 303)