A Specialist in the Particular Ailment Should
Serve as the Primary Consultant

I was somewhat taken aback about your writing that you are consulting with a doctor who is not a specialist [in your son’s ailment,] but is an internist.

Although it has already been stated: “Salvation lies in much counsel,”1 [i.e., it is of benefit to seek the counsel of more than one doctor,] nevertheless, it is readily understandable that the primary counsel emanate from a specialist in the particular area [of your son’s illness]. And there are quite a number of such specialists in Eretz Yisrael.

[Moreover,] if the above applies in all instances of healing, how much more so when we are dealing with healing with a new drug, since, generally speaking, newly discovered drugs require much greater caution, as experience has shown.

(Igros Kodesh, Vol. XVII, p. 55)

Seek Out a Specialist With Much Experience

.. With regard to [seeking] treatment for your face:

Seeking treatment is the correct course of action, for we have been commanded to do all that we can through natural means, and “Permission was granted the healer to heal.”

However, you should seek out a doctor who is a specialist in this field, and more importantly, one who has had much experience in this area and who therefore will be able to more easily diagnose the exact type of treatment you are in need of. ...

(Igros Kodesh, Vol. XIX, p. 46)

Even When the Deterioration in Health Is
Only Temporary, Turn to a Specialist

Without a shadow of a doubt, your present [health] situation is only temporary.

However, in order to hasten this [healing], and since a person should do whatever he can in a natural manner, you should turn to a specialist in this area (according to the choice of a doctor [whom you also consider a] friend), and may G‑d grant you success.

[Additionally,] increasing your bitachon in G‑d will increase His blessings.

I will mention you in prayer at the holy resting place of my father-in-law, the Rebbe, of blessed memory, for good health.

(From a response of the Rebbe in 5732)

When There Is Difficulty in Determining a Diagnosis,
Seek Out the Greatest Specialist in the Field

This is in reply to your letter, in which you write about the state of your health and summarize the condition of your ailment from the past few years, together with the treatment, etc., that you have received in the past:

It is not clear from your letter — although in all probability you have done so — whether you have inquired of the more prominent doctors in this field; many of whom are in Europe. Regarding an ailment such as you describe, particularly as there are uncertainties about it, it is worthwhile for you to communicate specifically with a renowned specialist.

On the other hand, it is not clear to me how doctors have failed until now to determine the cause of your disorder, what exactly ails you, and how to treat the ailment; after all, this has been going on — as it seems from your letter — for many years, [and] surely many X-rays have already been taken.

Clearly, my intent is not to bombard you with questions but to suggest to you that it would presently be worthwhile for you to find out who is the greatest specialist in this field, to send him the letters of the previous doctors who have treated you, as well as all the information he needs to know, and seek his general advice. Also, ask him whether it would be of benefit to you to see him.

May it be G‑d’s will, the “Healer of all flesh and Performer of wonders,” that you obtain a speedy recovery through the right doctor and appropriate treatment. After all, is there anything that G‑d cannot do?

(Igros Kodesh, Vol. XXII, p. 217)

Two Specialists

I received through ... a pidyon nefesh for you, in which he writes that your health is not as it should be because of your gall bladder problems, and that doctors are advising you to have surgery.

No doubt you can obtain the opinion of two specialists in this field. May G‑d help them to arrive at the correct diagnosis and be good emissaries so that you will be healed through them.

(Igros Kodesh, Vol. VI, p. 218)

Follow the Instructions of the Doctor
Who Provided the More Accurate Diagnosis

.. Consult with the doctor whose diagnosis was more accurate than that provided by the first doctor you visited (for which reason it is advisable to follow [the second doctor’s] instructions).

(Igros Kodesh, Vol. XIII, p. 416)

Seek Out the Advice of a Specialist

.. Since G‑d desires that we do everything we can in a natural manner, it is important that you receive the advice of an expert — in your situation a doctor who specializes in nervous and mental conditions — and follow his advice.

(Igros Kodesh, Vol. XX, p. 98)

Revisiting a Distinguished Physician
With Whom One Was Dissatisfied Many Years Before

.. You write about Mr. ... sheyichye, that since he already visited Professor ... once before and was not satisfied at that time from the course of treatment he received, he therefore wants to wait until he hears my opinion once again as to whether I still maintain that he visit him, or whether I have changed my position:

.. Many years have passed since he was unhappy with the results of his treatment at the hands of Professor... . I know, however, of many individuals who have turned to him for help and he has successfully treated them. I do not see why this should not be so in his case as well. ...

(Igros Kodesh, Vol. XXI, p. 213)

Agreement of At Least Two Doctors

With regard to your medical treatment: Do so according to the unanimous opinion of (at least) two specialists.

(Igros Kodesh, Vol. XXIV, p. 357)

Consult With Three Doctors One of Whom Is a Friend

.. Consult about the above with three doctors — two of whom are specialists in this particular field, while the third should be a doctor who is also a friend, [even if he is not a specialist in the particular field].

Afterwards, either decide [the course of action] by yourself, or (should you be in doubt) with a Rav who regularly rules on Jewish law, ascertaining his ruling according to the Shulchan Aruch.

(From a letter of the Rebbe, in the year 5730)

When in Doubt Seek the Advice of Two Specialists

.. With regard to the question of your and your mother’s health:

As in all questions of health, if there is any doubt, one should act on the unanimous advice of at least two specialists.

(From a letter of the Rebbe, dated the 22nd of Adar I, 5725)

When the Opinion of Two Doctors Conflict
A Third Doctor Should Decide Between the Two

In reply to your letter of the 29th of Sivan, [in which you write about the problem you are having] with your tooth:

Since you have been feeling pain for a considerable amount of time, it would indicate that things aren’t as they should be. You should therefore take care of the situation and not neglect it [any longer].

If — as you write — there are differing opinions between the [two] doctors [as to the method of treatment], seek out the opinion of a third doctor who will advise you which of the two opinions you should follow.

(Likkutei Sichos, Vol. XXXVI, p. 318)

Consult With Two Specialists Explain to Them Your Reasoning — Then Follow Their Instructions

In reply to your letters ... in which you write about your health situation and the opinion of many of the doctors whose advice you sought...:

It would be appropriate that sometime during the month of Elul, the “Month of Mercy,” a consultation take place between you and two of the specialists whom you have visited. Provide them with your reasons and then follow their instructions, for “Permission was granted a healer to heal.”

(Igros Kodesh, Vol. XV, p. 293)

When the Doctor Suggests No Treatment At All

With regard to your mother-in-law tichye:

The general rule in such matters is that if a doctor advises against any form of treatment, another specialist in this field should be consulted. It would therefore be worthwhile that your mother-in-law tichye also go to another specialist. ...

(Likkutei Sichos, Vol. XXXVI, p. 2782 )