This letter was addressed to a group of students from the Lubavitcher chassidimwho had escaped the Holocaust and, to quote the wording used by the Rebbe: “wandered from exile1 to exile (‘receiving twofold punishment’),2 may they merit redemption after redemption (‘a twofold comfort’).”3

B”H, 1 Adar I, 5706

With pleasure, I received your letter from the beginning of the month of Shvat, with thanks to G‑d who granted us all life and sustained us through the awesome times which befell the entire Jewish people.

(Note the statements of Kuntreis Sefas Emes, sec. 35, at the conclusion of the text Emes LiYaakov, that before the coming of Mashiach, there must be a nesirah4thatincludes [all] six thousand years [of the world’s existence]. This is the concept of “the birth-pangs of Mashiach.”)

The One who grants life5 will certainly grant us sufficient power, strength, and sustenance in material and spiritual matters so that we can all fulfill the mission incumbent on every person individually according to his position and capacity and [for our people] as a whole. For all Israel are responsible — and interconnected — with one another.6

I learned about the many activities [that you undertook] in your present location throughout all the years which passed. This is particularly [noteworthy] in consideration of the nature of the place and the time. How much greater are the opportunities for you to achieve at present when the situation has improved! We can rest assured that an agent — [and we are all agents] for G‑d — will accomplish his mission.7

I will conclude with the subject mentioned at the outset, the nesirah. Its purpose (and this is also obvious) is that it lead to [the two] turning to face each other. This takes place on Friday. Afterwards, there will be the consummation of the unity, face to face, on Shabbos. So may it be G‑d’s will that the revelation of the light of Chassidus, Pnimiyus HaTorah will help to draw down influence from the inner dimension and essence of Or Ein Sof, that it shine in an internalized manner; “may their faces behold directly,”8 as explained in the conclusion of the maamar entitled Ki Tishma Bikol in Likkutei Torah. See also Sichos Yud-Tes Kislev, 5692.

With the blessing “Immediately to teshuvah; immediately to Redemption,”