This letter was addressed to R. Efraim Eliezer HaKohen Yallis, a leading Rabbi from Philadelphia and concerns Letter No. 162 above.

B”H, 4 Av, 5704

Greetings and blessings,

You certainly received issues 1 and 2 of Kovetz Lubavitch when they were printed. The section: “Replies and Explanations” for the third issue will contain your question concerning the apparent contradiction between the statement of R. Yaakov of Lisa and those of the Tanya, for it is a matter of concern to many people, and a question from a Rav from Toronto. They will be published together with the responses that I felt were appropriate. I desire, as is customary, and as has been our practice, to print the question together with the name of the person who asked it, i.e., yourself. [Including your name] will encourage others to involve themselves in the study of Chassidus.

Would you be so gracious as to inform us of your consent?

Certainly, you received my previous letter as well as the text Sur Meira V’Asei Tov,1 at the appropriate time.

With the blessing “Immediately to teshuvah; immediately to Redemption,”