This letter was addressed to Mrs. S. Tucker.

B”H, 28 Tammuz, 5708

Blessings and greetings,

We received your letter of the 15th. We wonder why you did not answer my questions concerning the days of the yahrzeit of a) Sonia Horenstein,1 b) her husband’s yahrzeit, c) how you were of assistance to them, d) where they were, and the other questions.

We have received letters here stating that they all fled to the partisans in the forests and that they were together, not separate from each other.

I hope you will answer all the questions.

You have certainly already received the food package. Friday, we sent the penicillin [to you] via airmail.

Awaiting your reply,

In the name of Rabbi Schneerson,
R. Avraham Quint, secretary