This letter was addressed to Rabbi R. A.

B”H, 7 Tammuz, 5708

Greetings and blessings,

With regard to your question whether it is customary to eat matzah on Pesach Sheni:In addition to what I told you in person: that our custom — based on the custom of the Rebbe Shlita’s household — is to eat matzah during the meal on the day of the 14th of Iyar, I recently found [related concepts] in printed texts. The text Likkutei Meir (authored by R. Meir Benet of Cherada, Hungary) speaks about Pesach Sheni in the second volume and quotes the text Likkutei Maharich, Vol. III, which states that it is customary for men [distinguished for] their deeds to eat matzah on the day of the 14th of Iyar.

Clarification is necessary, for the Pesach Sheni[sacrifice] was eaten on the night of 15 Iyar.1 [Indeed,] the text Zichron Yehudah states that the author of the text Imrei Eishand his father-in-law, R. David Deitsch, followed the custom of eating matzah and a cooked egg on the night of 15 Iyar.

The text Darchei Chayim VeShalom (by R. M. Gold of Munkatch), secs. 631-632, states that the Munkatcher custom was to eat matzah and maror duringthedaytime meal of 14 Iyar. Although the Pesach Shenisacrifice was eaten on the night of the 15th, the sacrifice was offered during the day and the beginning [of the sacrifice] is of primary importance. It was, however, also customary [for the Minchas Elazar, the Munkatcher Rebbe,] to eat matzah on the night of the 15th.2

With wishes for everlasting good in all matters,

Rabbi Menachem Schneerson