This letter was sent to a chassid whose name was withheld.

B”H, 10 Adar II, 5708

Greetings and blessings,

When the maamar entitled Ki Menaseh, 5708, was published, I had a slight difficulty. [The maamar states] that our lack of knowledge does not alter the existence of an entity and supports the concept with an analogy. With regard to matters on the material plane, I thought the matter was obvious and [I questioned] what [the maamar] was teaching us. When, however, I contemplated human conduct, particularly in matters in which the temptations of the evil inclination have sway, I saw that the [following] rationalization was very common: Since one diverts his attention from a particular matter or refrains from speaking about it, this itself is sufficient to remove the matter from the order of the day.

We are speaking about actual deed, which is of paramount importance. It appears that ...’s approach is that when you will remain silent with regard to those things that you are obligated to do and also promised to do... this will make it as if the matter has been dealt with. This opens up a foothold for the known craftsman1 who today tells you this, [tomorrow tells you...].

Enclosed is the maamar for Purim [published this year. Our intent is that you circulate it in a manner that] brings merit to the many.

M. Schneerson