This letter was addressed to R. Yitzchak Goldin.

B”H, the yahrzeit of the Alter Rebbe, [24 Teves,] 5708

Greetings and blessings,

In response to your letter from Monday, [Parshas] Vayechi....1

b) In the interim, you certainly received my previous letter. Please acknowledge your receipt. The printed matter was sent to you as you requested according to the arrangements made with R. Shmuel Zalmanov.

c) Today, a letter was received [stating that the members of the chassidic brotherhood] presently in Poland received the necessary documents [for their journey] and that they hope that those who are sick will recover in the coming week.

d) You are certainly involved in the activities of Merkos L’Inyonei Chinuch or Machne Yisrael. I will be happy if the next time I speak about you with my revered father-in-law, the Rebbe Shlita, I will be able to inform him about some of the details of your activities.

See the maamarim of Lag BaOmer in the Siddur [Im Dach] which explains that on a yahrzeit, the person whose yahrzeit is being commemorated ascends to the height of all of his levels, and all his activities throughout his life also ascend. [Tanya,] Iggeres HaKodesh, Epistle 28, [states that] then it is very easy for all of his disciples to receive their portion. The Siddur, loc. cit., [states that the influence can be expressed] through an entity that is not at all on his level or of his type.

With wishes for everlasting good in all matters,

Rabbi Menachem Schneerson