This letter was addressed to R. David Bravman, a chassid who was charged with overseeing the publication of texts of Chassidus in Germany after WWII.

B”H, 16 Teves, 5708

Greetings and blessings,

[This is] in response to your letters, although you have certainly received a response to some of them [verbally] via R. Shalom Mendel Kalmenson:

With regard to the [Alter Rebbe’s] Shulchan Aruch:You have certainly already received the text for the introduction and instructions with regard to the printing of the title page from R. Benyamin Gorodetzky. It should state: Heichel Shelishi, Shaar Sheni. The additions from the Tzemach Tzedek should be eliminated. Similarly, I conveyed via him a photocopy of a manuscript copy of one of the Alter Rebbe’s responsa in his own handwriting concerning [the kashrus of] the lung.

The paper and the binding (for these three volumes) should be most attractive. I do not have [even] a copy of the introduction. [Therefore,] please send me a copy of it. Print the title page and the introduction last (chronologically, of course, not in the order of pages), for it is possible there will [still] be changes in them.

b) All of the [texts authored by] the Mitteler Rebbe entitled Shaarei..., also included are Shaarei Orah, Shaar HaEmunah, and Shaar HaYichud, should be included in Heichel Reviyi, Shaar Rishon. In the introduction to Ateres Rosh, it should state 5707 and not 5708.

c) If the artwork for the title page of Shaarei Orah has been lost, you may take that from Ateres Rosh or Shaar HaEmunah.

d) I asked R. Benyamin Gorodetzky to send you money for whatever is necessary. If you know of a way [of transferring funds] through another individual, inform me and I will try to arrange it.

e) When will the texts reach here? Vol. I of Sifreinu is already entirely sold out. We were relying on your printing, but [we have] not [received] anything. As of yet, we have received two Tanyas and one Shaarei Orah that were brought by R. Benyamin Gorodetzky when he traveled here, but nothing else. It is necessary to hurry to send here at the very least 500 [copies of] Sifreinu, Vol. I,and 500 Tanyas.

f) If you can sell the Tanyas in the nearby areas for 50 cents each, print 1000 new copies for us including the possible changes that you wrote about, and sell all the old ones in the nearby areas.

g) [Regarding] the Sefer HaMaamarim, Sefer HaSichos, and Pokeiach Ivrim that you said were already printed — take them and send here as soon as possible, for now, ten copies of each one. Sell the remainder in the nearby areas or in Paris. The price of the Sefer HaMaamarim andthe Sefer HaSichos is 60 cents (in Paris, 75 cents) and that of Pokeiach Ivrim, 15 cents (in Paris, 20 cents). From this amount, you may give a discount of 30% to the sellers for their trouble or to the purchasers of large quantities.

h) I heard that you printed some other sichos and sold them (at a profit). Please send us one copy of each for our library. Perhaps you should establish a connection with those who were involved with this project with regard to selling and distributing the works that you print since they appear to be expert in this. Rely on your understanding.

i) It appears to me that I already wrote you to print also Torah Or, Likkutei Torah, and the Piskei Dinim of the Tzemach Tzedek — and also Shaar HaEmunah and Shaar HaYichud — 500 copies of each. Inform me if you possess copies of these texts and from which printing. If possible, also [send] an estimate of the costs for each of these texts.

j) Because of [different] exigencies, the booklet for the Tanya1has not yet been published. I will send you the other publications as you desired. Please inform us how long the shipping takes. Also acknowledge your receipt of the accompanying letter.

Awaiting a detailed response with regard to all the above and with wishes for everlasting good in all matters,

M. Schneerson
Chairman of the Executive Committee