This letter was addressed to R. David Bravman, a chassid who was charged with overseeing the publication of texts of Chassidus in Germany after WWII.

B”H, 5 MarCheshvan, 5708

Greetings and blessings,

In response to your letters (surprisingly, you do not include the address to which mail should be sent to you):

a) Enclosed is the text for the title pages and prefaces for Ateres Rosh, Shaarei Orah, Shaar HaEmunah, and Shaar HaYichud.

b) At present, there is no need to print any more copies of the Tanya. Send only 1000 copies here. 2000 may be sold in the nearby areas and throughout Europe at large. If the printing expenses conform to the estimate you gave me when we met, set the price for the nearby areas at a minimum of 60 cents and for Europe at large at 75 cents.

c) I will be able to advise you of the price of the other books when you inform me of the printing and binding expenses.

d) Rabbi Gorodetzky told me that he already sent you $1000 as you requested. I spoke to him about giving more according to the information you provide us. Similarly, you may use the proceeds of the sale of the above books [to allay] the costs of printing and binding.

e) Certainly, you have begun printing the Shulchan Aruch [of the Alter Rebbe]. Hurry this [project]. Try to insure that the printing and the binding will be as attractive as possible. I am waiting for clarification here with regard to certain particulars concerning the title page. Then I will send it to you.

f) You will certainly be able to find [copies of] Shaar HaEmunah and Shaar HaYichud among the chassidic brethren in your locale or in Paris.

g) I am including below* the response of my revered father-in-law, the Rebbe Shlita, to your personal question.

With wishes for everlasting good in all matters,

M. Schneerson
Chairman of the Executive Committee

* “I maintain that going to Eretz Yisrael is a favorable idea, but you should be part of the reserves in [our] work. First, [however,] finish the printing.” “[Our] work” — within the context of the [Rebbe’s] talk — refers to involvement in strengthening [the observance of] the Torah and its mitzvos.