This letter was addressed to R. M. Perlow.

The second day of Chol HaMoed Sukkos, 5708

Greetings and blessings,

Your letter from 20 Elul, 5707, reached us. With regard to what you write concerning printing, I would like to inform you [of the following points]:

a) Based on the directives of my revered father-in-law, the Rebbe Shlita, no one has the license to print any one of the books of Chassidus or the educational texts that we publish without receiving permission from the directorship of Kehot in Brooklyn, N.Y.

b) With regard to printing texts in Germany, when I was in Paris, I entrusted [the responsibility for] this to R. David Bravman, and I arranged with him what to print.

c) If there is also a possibility of printing in your country, let us know the particulars involved. At any event, the printing effort must be organized, not that every place should print [what they want] and have that duplicated in another place.

d) Accordingly, do not print anything now. If you have any suggestions concerning this matter, inform us about them and submit your proposal to us.

Included is a maamar that was published here recently.

With wishes for all types of good forever,

Rabbi Menachem Schneerson
Chairman of the Executive Committee

Because [of the sanctity] of the holiday, I did not sign.