This letter was addressed to Mr. Heitlair-Barski.

B”H, 22 Shvat, 5707

Greetings and blessings,

Some time ago, I wrote you [a letter]. I am unsure whether that letter was received, and hence, I am writing again.

This letter is being written by Mendel Hornstein’s1 brother-in-law. I am approaching you with the following request. We received a letter from Leah Tziboliyarzish — now Jana Tzibolska. She writes that in April, 1942... the Hornsteins fled the Otwock ghetto to the forest. Is this true? My sister-in-law, Mrs. Gurarie, told me that you were in Otwock at that time. Therefore I surmise that you might be aware of what occurred to them then.

I hope that you will answer me immediately and, in advance, I send you my heartfelt thanks.

Menachem Schneerson

As of yet, we have not informed my father-in-law, Shlita, about the matter at all.