This letter was addressed to R. Mordechai HaKohen Perlow, one of the active members of the chassidic brotherhood.

B”H, 4 Tammuz, 5709

Greetings and blessings,

Your letter of 29 Sivan was duly received. We already sent you everything that you ordered. (After a 20% deduction, the sum comes to $18.)

Enclosed is the kuntreis for the Holiday of Redemption,1 a letter from Machne Israel,2 and a letter from the Committee for Maamad. By free association, one might say that [the three enclosures] represent the [renowned] three vectors3 : Torah, Divine service, and deeds of kindness. You will no doubt endeavor to share all three with people at large in the most appropriate manner.

How much longer will the people in your community [continue to] be split into two camps: people at large and members of the chassidic brotherhood? Obviously, unity must be established by having all the others become members of the chassidic brotherhood and not the opposite, Heaven forbid. Upon whom should [the responsibility for] refining your community in this way be placed? How much longer will this matter be postponed?

Concluding with greetings to our entire brotherhood and with wishes for all types of everlasting good,

M. Schneerson