The text that follows was added as a postscript to the first part of the previous letter.

B”H, 14 Iyar, 5709

With regard to the concept of reviewing maamarim of Chas­sidus in a manner that can be understood by the listeners from the perspective of their human intellect,1 maamarim of this type were chosen and, for this purpose also, written in Yiddish2 and published in Sefer HaMaamarim Yiddish.

Support for the custom of sleeping in a tallis was not brought from the narrative concerning those who died in the desert.3 This can be explained in several ways. The simplest and the clearest is that at that time, people did not wear a special tallis katan. Instead, they wore tzitzis on the garments that they would wear at all times.4 Obviously the people would not have desired — and it is possible to say that it would have been forbidden for them — to sleep unclothed [at that time],5 although they would usually sleep unclothed. Therefore support is brought from King David.6 See Tosafos, Bava Basra 74a; Niddah 61b; and the Piskei Dinim of the Tzemach Tzedek, Hilchos Tzitzis.