This letter was addressed to Rabbi Yosef Goldstein.

B”H, 20 Adar, 5709

Greetings and blessings,

In response to your two letters:

The statement of the Zohar (III, p. 292a) that Z’eir Anpin is “at one with and suspended from Atika” refers to the seven lower emotional qualities. (This is stated explicitly in the maamar entitled Samchuni, 5660.) It is only “at one with and suspended”1 at that level. See Torah Or, [Parshas] Yisro, the maamar entitled HaAvos Harei Heim HaMerkavah; Imrei Binah; Derech Mitzvosecha, mitzvas tefillin.

In contrast, the statement found in several sources that “The inner dimension of Abba (Chochmah) is the inner dimen­sion of Atik”implies that [the inner dimension of Chochmah] itself is actually the inner dimension of Atik, as mentioned in several places in the series of maamarim entitled Yom Tov Shel Rosh HaShanah, 5666. See also the note on page 6 of Kuntreis Limud HaChassidus.2 This, however, refers to the inner dimen­sion of Chochmah and Binah and not to the ordinary [expression of our] intellectual powers.

b) With regard to the statement in many places3 that “Daas includes Chessed and Gevurah,” see the explanation in the Siddur [Im Dach,] Shaar HaTefillin and Derech Mitzvosecha, the beginning of mitzvas tefillin.

From my perception of your letters and questions, you should — in my humble opinion — develop a structure for your study of Chassidus, [determining] which texts and maamarim should be studied first and which afterwards. You should consult those who educated you in the teachings of Chassidus with regard to this.

With wishes for everlasting good in all matters,

M. Schneerson