This letter was addressed to R. David Bravman, a chas­sid who was charged with overseeing the publication of texts of Chassidus in Germany after WWII.

B”H, 20 Cheshvan, 5709

Greetings and blessings,

In response to your letters from Rosh Chodesh and 7 MarCheshvan:

a) As of yet, I have not received [any copies of the new printing of] Likkutei Torah. I asked Rabbi Benyamin Gorodetzky1 and he told me that he received only one copy for himself. In these [past] days, 28 Siddurim have been received. It would be fitting if the Shaarei Orah could be received before Chanukah2 and the Likkutei Torah before Beshalach.3

b) I am surprised that you did not send at least some of the texts with those who journeyed to [R.] Nemanov’s community.4 For it is common for people to travel here from there.

c) With regard to receiving a permit for the texts to enter this [country]: The lawyer desires to know from which depart­ment — the Customs Department or the State Department — have those who have already sent texts received such a permit. Please inform me of this. If you could receive a photostat of such a permit, it would be desirable.

Regardless, do not depend on receiving a permit from here for the texts that are already prepared to be sent, and do not delay their shipment for that reason. Instead, send immediately through the mail at least 1000 Siddurim, 500 sets of the Shulchan Aruch, Torah Or, the Shaarim,5 and Likkutei Torah, and 200 of Sifreinu, Vol. V. Notify us immediately that you have done this.

d) At the end of my notes to the Piskei Dinim, the following note should be added: On p. 69d, in one copy [of a manuscript], I found “... [Responsa] MaharalNach, sec. 102. On Purim, 5625, [1865] in Lubavitch, the Rebbe [Maharash] directed that the blessing Shehecheyanu be recited in the morning before reading the Megillah.

e) You should print the Piskei Dinim as soon as possible, because there is a donor for it, as I wrote already.

f) I answered Rabbi M. Zalowinsky over a month ago.6 Would you please notify me whether he received my letter.

g) Enclosed is the maamar from 13 Tishrei and a digest of the talks [delivered at] the meal of Simchas Torah which are being sent to be made available to people at large. Also, [enclosed is] a letter of general concern from Merkos L’Inyonei Chinuch.

May the birthday of the Rebbe Rashab7 on which the spiri­tual source of his soul shines powerfully (as stated in the Talmud Yerushalmi, Rosh HaShanah 3:8) have a positive influ­ence on all of us to take part in the spreading of his teachings which are the teachings of the Baal Shem Tov [and] the teach­ings of my revered father-in-law, the Rebbe Shlita.

Awaiting good tidings, with greetings to all the members of our brotherhood,

M. Schneerson