This letter was sent to R. Shmuel Dovid Raichik, the Rebbe’s representative in California and other places.

B”H, 24 Menachem Av, 5710

Greetings and blessings,

In response to your (undated) express letter: I took great pleasure in [hearing about] your positive endeavors in the places you visited, as you outlined in your letter. Certainly, in addition to what was apparent and accomplished at the time of your visit to the city or town, several matters were accomplished without you being aware of them at present. There will also be many offshoots and fruits from the seeds that you sowed while actually visiting. For holiness produces fruit and generations of fruit until eternity (עולם, “eternity,” shares the same root letters as העלם, “hiddenness”).1 To refer to the wording used by my revered father-in-law, the Rebbe, הכ"מ, in sec. 1 of the sichah of Yud-Beis Tammuz:2 “Holiness is infinite.”

Surely, you are also working and active in [collecting for] nifneh3during your journeys. In addition to the fact that this is part of your mission, it is known and can be actually seen that [the existence of] all spiritual matters that also have a foothold in physical matters continues and prevails. This is one of the reasons the prophets would often perform a particular physical activity before [delivering] their prophecies, as explained in many places in the works of the later prophets.

It’s amazing that among the study sessions you mention having seen in the synagogues [you visited], there are hardly any study sessions concerning the study of halachah regarding laws frequently [encountered].

Regarding your question: Since my revered father-in-law, the Rebbe, הכ"מ, wrote to you: “Do not become involved with this,” this is certainly the correct course of action.

Regarding your question whether to begin visiting the cities that are on the way here and [then] be here and in the surroundings of New York for the month of Tishrei:

According to my understanding, it is very necessary, especially this year, that you use this Elul and Tishrei to strengthen your position and standing in your community and in its surroundings, for this time [of year] is a time of spiritual inspiration and, as is also the custom of this country, a season for campaigns, get-togethers, and the like. It would be desirable for you to arrange a detailed program for yourself how to use all these days in the most effective and fitting manner.

With regard to your prior question about founding a Nusach Ari4 shul in your community:Even though the essence of the suggestion is appropriate, your mission and your work does not require — and does not allow you — to be connected with one synagogue, since your influence must encompass5 the entire city and its surroundings.

I am searching for the right person to send to your community to serve as a Rabbi and to deliver classes in the synagogue. It is understood that he will also help establish it and you will supervise him. I have not found the person as of yet, but I will continue looking.

Without committing myself with a vow, I will mention you at the gravesite of my revered father-in-law, the Rebbe, הכ"מ, for success in your holy work as you requested. [These endeavors] are the medium for influence in both material and spiritual matters in everything that is necessary.

Signing with blessings for success in both your general and personal matters, for you and all the members of your household,

M. Schneerson

With regard to a summary of the farbrengen, you have certainly already spoken with R. Chayim Mordechai Isaac Chodakov.