The name of the person to whom this letter was sent was not released.

B”H, 11 Menachem Av, 5710

Greetings and blessings,

In response to your letter of 7 Menachem Av, I derived pleasure from hearing that you found a place of activity where you can work on yourself and with others. Certainly, it will be a success. I will be happy to hear good news from your activities.

With regard to your question concerning the fact that at times chalav akum1 is cooked in the utensils in which food is cooked for all the students: If the above is true, you can certainly arrange that you and your friends eat from food cooked in other utensils.

You surely remember what we spoke about before your journey, that one need not be overly serious and low-spirited.2 It is necessary to know:

that G‑d’s nature is good and to be gracious, and

that the Rebbeim sacrificed themselves for ahavas Yisrael and for their missions to be carried out with kindness and mercy.3

And it is written:4 “Serve G‑d with happiness.”

With blessing and greetings to all of your companions; awaiting good news,

Menachem Schneerson

It would be appropriate that on Shabbos Nachamu,which this year falls on the fifteenth of Av, you should hold a farbrengen with the other young men.