The name of the person to whom this letter was sent was not released.

B”H, 6 Menachem Av, 5710

Greetings and blessings,

In response to your letter:

May it be G‑d’s will that you be a fit vessel for all the blessings with which my revered father-in-law, the Rebbe, הכ"מ, blessed you — and blesses you — to be fulfilled in a complete manner in [both] material and spiritual matters. May you be successful in your efforts with your own self and in your efforts with others.

This is particularly true since this birthday begins your twenty-fourth year, [an age when] according to all opinions, the period of adolescence is completed (see Kiddushin 30a; Hilchos Talmud Torah from the Alter Rebbe’s Shulchan Aruch, 1:6).

Signing with blessing,

M. Schneerson