This letter was addressed to R. Benyamin Gorodetzky, a chassid who headed the office for the aid of refugees which received financial assistance from the Joint Distribution Committee.

B”H, after the Shavuos holiday, 8 Sivan, 5710

Greetings and blessings,

Today, your letters from 1 and 5 Sivan were received. Sevenwas received from the Joint Distribution Committee. [The allotment] for Iyar was given to your wife.

With regard to the [pressing] matters: You have certainly received my letters of 3 and 5 Sivan. From them, you can appreciate my rationale for your visiting Morocco now. (For it is just the beginning. R. Michael Lipsker appears to be confused about how to establish the activity and it is difficult to give advice from a distance. Yitzchak Sholom1 should visit there immediately. But the first point should be given primacy.)

Also with regard to [future] discussions here concerning what particular activities [to organize], [the level of discussions] will be incomparably [higher] if you have previously clarified on site the possibilities that exist and the type of assistance that will be forthcoming from the local populace (both in regard to teachers and means. For there are also very wealthy people there, but when it comes to these matters, they stand on the sidelines.)

Undoubtedly, you have received the kuntres for Shavuos. Do you know whether R. Shneur Zalman Gurevitch was able to come to an arrangement on the matters concerning Kehot while meeting with R. David Bravmen?2 I would be thankful if you would notify me. Letters have been written to him directly without receiving a response. (Perhaps he is not in Paris.)

With wishes for all forms of good,

M. Schneerson