This portion of a letter was sent to a recipient whose name was not released.

“In the third month, on this day,”1 5710

..According to the interpretation of Megaleh Amukos, at the beginning of Parshas Emor, [the four qualities mentioned in Avos 5:20 are associated with four aspects of our Divine service]:

“Bold as a leopard” is associated with Torah study (based on Beitzah 25b);

“Light as an eagle,” which is characterized by mercy, with love;

“Swift as a deer” with mitzvos (see Berachos 6b); and

“Courageous as a lion,” with fear (יראה, Hebrew for “fear,” shares the same letters as אריה, “lion”).

These four aspects refer to the four letters of the name Havayah2 (see Zohar III, p. 123b; Tanya, the beginning of ch. 44).

Behold, (the lower level of) fear is a gate to ascend all these rungs and serves as a foundation for them (see Zohar I, p. 8a; Kuntres HaAvodah, ch. 2). And (the higher rung of) fear is the ultimate goal [of all Divine service], as stated (see Devarim 6:24;3 Tanya, the conclusion of ch. 234). It is possible to say that this is also [alluded to in] the conclusion of the maamar “to perform [His] will.” [This relates to] the tip of the yud (see Tanya, Iggeres HaTeshuvah, ch. 4, et al.). This is not the place to elaborate.