This letter was sent to a chassid whose name was not released.

B”H, 17 Iyar, 5710

Greetings and blessings,

I was sorry to hear that you feel your health is weakening and that, in addition, you are not careful [in heeding] the directives of the doctor.

On several occasions, I heard the following statement from my revered father-in-law, the Rebbe, הכ"מ, in the name of his father, the Rebbe [Rashab]: “How dear is a Jewish body! For it, so much is sacrificed!” For it is well known that the Torah and its mitzvos were given to souls as they are enclothed in bodies and not to angels.

If the Creator cherishes the body so much, [then,] as a matter of course, it is understood how much care a person must give to this article entrusted to him from Above.

Our Sages (Berachos 60a) informed us that a doctor was given license to heal. If so, the doctor is acting under the authority and the command of the Torah. Thus it is clear that if by listening to the instructions of a doctor one temporarily negates the observance of a desirable custom, the meticulous practice [of a particular mitzvah], or the like, the Torah will not remain a debtor. Through nullifying the custom or the meticulous practice for a brief time, one will receive the potential to add strength to his observance of the Torah and its mitzvos manifold times for a lengthy and good span of years.

With wishes for a complete recovery and much satisfaction from all of your descendants as per the everlasting blessings of my revered father-in-law, the Rebbe, הכ"מ,

M. Schneerson