This undated letter was written to explain a point raised by a reader regarding Letter No. 598.

With regard to your note concerning the wording used in my letter: “share it with people at large in an appropriate manner.” You ask, what is the meaning of the words “in an appropriate manner”?

My intent is straightforward. Sometimes the content and/or the language (lashon hakodesh) (“the holy tongue”) of the maamarim or kuntreisim is difficult for some of the people in the community of those who receive [the kuntres]. Therefore I added the words “in the appropriate manner.” For my intent in sending the kuntres is not that it be shared only with those who understand the contents and the wording as is. Instead, [the recipients] should endeavor to share it with those with whom it is necessary to explain the content with concepts on their level and with whom it is necessary to give explanations in Yiddish or in the local language.