This letter was sent to R. Benyamin Gorodetzky, a chassid who headed the office for the aid of refugees which received financial assistance from the Joint Distribution Committee.

B”H, the third day of Chol HaMoed Pesach, 5710

Greetings and blessings,

I gratefully acknowledge receipt of your letters from the 9th and 10th of Nissan. You may set your mind at ease, because you have set my mind at ease by remaining in your present position in these times when all matters and institutions require excellent stewardship, greater reinforcement, and increased expansion, both internally and externally.

With regard to the matter of R. Michael Lipsker:1 Certainly, you are zealously applying yourself. I would be grateful if you would notify me about the positive results. With regard to the Rabbinical position on Montevideo St.:2 In my humble opinion, if there is any possibility of Rabbi Zhaler being granted the position, much effort should be applied.

[Rabbi Zhaler] told me that [while he was] here, he met with Rabbi Landesher who was previously the rabbi of that synagogue. He was the first to tell him about that position and promised to help him and act as a reference — but only if [the members of] the synagogue approach him. He would not take the first step. Rabbi Zhaler also told me that, as requested by the synagogue, he already sent them a résumé including the places where he studied and the like. You certainly recall Rabbi Zhaler. We can hope that if [he receives the position] in that synagogue, there will be positive repercussions, not only in that synagogue, but in a much wider circle.

Yesterday, 73 was received from the Joint [Distribution Committee]. Since there was no explanation about it, please notify me if it was for April.

Undoubtedly, you gave 50 to the Committee for the Branches4 on account. Please add another 20 to the branches on the account of Merkos L’Inyonei Chinuch. [Also, give] 50 to R. Nissan Nemenov for Tomchei Temimim, 25 to R. Shneur Zalman Duchman to divide there among those associated with Beis Rivkah. (For I heard that R. Shneur Zalman Horowitz had a meeting with him — or give it to him in another manner.)

The receipts must be from individual people who receive [the gifts] [and made out to] the Chevrei Shaarei Torah — Bnei Avraham Synagogue.

Because of the holiness of the festival, I am not signing [this letter].5

Undoubtedly, you received the kuntres for the Pesach holiday in due time and publicized it in an appropriate manner.

With wishes for a kosher and happy Pesach holiday,

Rabbi Menachem Schneerson