The text of this letter was sent to various individuals, personally addressed to each one.

B”H, Adar 26, 5710

Greetings and blessings,

In one of his letters,1 my revered father-in-law, the Rebbe, הכ"מ, writes: “Chassidus brought about [a situation in which] one is not alone.” If that applied when “the tzaddik was living on this a physical place,”2 certainly it applies to a much greater degree at present when “he is found” — even in this world of deed — “more than in his lifetime.”2 How much more so does this apply with regard to a tzaddik who is also a Rebbe who is “an intermediary who binds” between G‑d and [the Jewish people]!3

[The name used for G‑d,] Havayah, is not related to [the limitations of] nature, Heaven forbid. The intermediary possesses dimensions of both the entities between which he mediates. With regard to his chassidim and those bound to him at present, as previously — for a connection [with a Rebbe is] one of yechidah which is above the concept of time — the motif of bonding is even stronger now. For [the chassidim] tell their souls and their bodies that we have no other alternative4 at all. And then there will be no interruption [in that bond], Heaven forbid. On the contrary, “the spirit will draw down the spirit.”2 [This will be manifest in spiritual matters and in material matters, in all forms of good. For just as Above, so too below, i.e., with regard to a Rebbe: the nature (i.e., a tendency above nature) of the good is to do good.5

M. Schneerson