This letter was printed as an introduction to the kuntres of Beis Nissan which contained the last maamar in the series of maamarim, beginning “Basi LeGani.”


The date Beis Nissan comprises two elements: a) the anniversary of the passing1 of the Rebbe Rashab (May the memory of a tzaddik be a blessing!), and, as a corollary,2 b) the day on which his only son — my revered father-in-law the Rebbe, הכ"מ — became the Nasi and leader of our generation.

Year by year, the modes of spiritual energy [evoked by these events] are reawakened in their respective seasons.3 Thus it may be readily understood that in the course of the thirty years that have passed until now — thirty times Beis Nissan, 5680-5709 [1920-1949] — [the Rebbe Rashab] has continually ascended, step beyond step, thirty levels of elevation.4 This becomes clear in light of the words of our Sages5 that, even after their passing,6 tzaddikim “proceed from strength to strength,” and likewise, in light of the teaching that7 “when a tzaddik departs he is to be found in all the worlds more than during his lifetime...; even in this world of action... he is to be found more [than during his lifetime].” For this reason, the influence8 which he imparts to all those who share a bond with him comes from ever higher sources. And for those influences to be received and intimately integrated into the souls of those recipients, their “vessels” (i.e., their spiritual receptive capabilities) need to be ever more finely attuned.

Especially as this time of year comes around, on the approaching Beis Nissan, every one of those who share a bond with my revered father-in-law, the Rebbe, הכ"מ, should strengthen his connection with him, with increasing intensity, by means of the paths which he taught us in his letters, talks and teachings. Likewise, every individual should meditate and fix it firmly in his mind and heart, that the shepherd — viz., my revered father-in-law, the Rebbe, הכ"מ — has not (G‑d forbid) forsaken the flock whose shepherd he has been. Now, too, he continues to stand at his holy tasks, in order to protect his sheep and to endow them with whatever material and spiritual influence they need.

Menachem Schneerson

25 Adar, 5710, Brooklyn, N.Y.