The name of the recipient of this letter was not released.

B”H, the Third Day of Chanukah, 5711,
Brooklyn, N.Y.

Greetings and blessings,

In response to your letter which describes your situation: that you do not have sufficient time to work as a principal in the yeshivah, to teach the classes there, and simultaneously to run your business of Jewish holy texts and religious articles. For this reason, you wish to leave your job as principal of the yeshivah and you ask my opinion regarding the above.

In my opinion, if there is not sufficient time for all the above matters, you should cease teaching the classes and the like, but not your job as principal. Among my reasons for this [decision: Firstly,] “Even the position as the director of the teams of water drawers is established from Heaven.”1 In particular, this position of authority was given to you by my revered father-in-law, the Rebbe, הכ"מ.

[The above] is from your point of view. From the yeshivah’s point of view, it is not clear whether your replacement will be better or worse. And there are other reasons.

It is my hope that you will be able to carry out the task of principal alone,2 together with participating in your book business only in those matters that cannot be carried out without you, in a manner that will prevent damage to either of [the concerns].

With Chanukah blessings that increase as one proceeds3 and illuminates even the outer reaches,4

Menachem Schneerson

I am interested in knowing what activities [you have performed to carry out] what we spoke about before you set out, i.e., making your own minyan5 and the like.