[17 Kislev 5711]

These notes were written as replies to letters sent by students in the yeshivah established by R. Michael Lipsker, the Rebbe’s shaliach in Morocco.

With regard to your question whether you acted soundly in negotiating with the craftsman to whom you are apprenticed to continue your work with him: Behold, since a contract has already been drawn up, it is certainly Divine providence [that you work for him]. Nevertheless, you should not divert your attention from seeking work in other places. May G‑d lead you in a straight path in this as well. It is possible that if the craftsman to whom you are apprenticed knows that another place desires to pay you more, he will also raise your salary.

* * *

In response to your question regarding your profession — that you desire to leave the craftsman to whom you are apprenticed: Behold, you do not write the reason you desire to leave your [present] place of employment and whether you have the opportunity to work independently. Perhaps it would be worthwhile to consult with the respected scholar, R. Michael Lipsker, concerning this and inform me of his opinion. Then, I will — without committing myself by vow — write you again.

Certainly you are seeking, with the appropriate energy, a suitablemarriage partner. May G‑d lead you successfully.

* * *

With regard to your statements [in your letter] that you have not yet married: You are surely seeking to do sowith the appropriate energy. Perhaps it is worthwhile for you to learn a new profession that does not require that much time to master it so that hopefully you will have a source of income. Initially, however, you should make another attempt in your present profession and [in general], you should speak gently with others.

May it be G‑d’s will that He provide your livelihood for you in the immediate future and that you find a marriage partner who is suitable for you in all particulars. Notify me of good tidings in this regard.

* * *

With regard to your mention in your letter of your elder brother, Mr. ..., that he is already thirty and has yet to be successful regarding marriage: Convey to him that he should establish sessions for Torah study every day, and how much more so on the holy Shabbos. He should seek, with the appropriate energy, a suitablemarriage partner. He should keep in mind our Sages’ statement1 that a husband must treat his wife with gentleness. The merit of establishing fixed times for Torah study will help him find a suitable wife. If they continue to conduct themselves in this manner, G‑d will grant that their union will be favorable, a lasting union, blessed with upright and blessed offspring.2