This letter was addressed to Mrs. Chanah Goldstein, the president of the Taharas HaMishpachah Organization.

B”H, 28 MarCheshvan, 5711

Blessings and greetings,1

I was happy to receive your letter from Saturday night following Shabbos Parshas Lech Lecha with the enclosed pictures of your two children. May you and your husband merit to raise them to Torah study, marriage, and good deeds.

I also derived pleasure from your writing that you became the president of the Taharas HaMishpachah Organization and that [the organization’s] activities are expanding.

My revered father-in-law, the Rebbe, הכ"מ, once said that a good teacher is one who teaches a student to be able to ultimately study on his own, without needing the teacher. Similar concepts apply with regard to administrative work. A good administrator is one whose work can energize members of the organization so that they will have the desire to work and will not have to be motivated each time by the president or another officer of the organization....

Menachem Schneerson