The name of the person to whom this letter was sent was not released.

B”H, 7 Tishrei, 5711

Greetings and blessings,

..I would like to motivate you to look upon others, in particular, your own children, with a more generous eye. I hope that you are in connection with them and use your influence on them, not only with regard to charity, but also to draw them close to the Torah and its mitzvos, each one in the manner which is most appropriate for him and with the most effective words. If a father’s love for a child is expressed in matters that are associated with a body, how much more so should it be expressed in matters that are associated with the soul, for those matters are significant, both in this world and the World to Come.

With blessings for a chasimah and a g’mar chasimah tovah,

Menachem Schneerson