This letter was sent to the kabbalist and sage, R. Meir Abuchatzeira, who was one of the leading Rabbis in Morocco where the Rebbe had sent shluchim.

B”H, 25 Elul, 5710

I read your letter of the fourteenth [of the month] of mercy 1 with great pleasure. My hope is strengthened that you — and, as a result, also those who are under your influence — are prepared to participate in the organization and the strengthening of the kosher Jewish education of the boys and girls in your country to make the Torah great and glorious. 2 For the desire of G‑d which is in our hands will be successful, enabling us to see the good fruits of our efforts: labor in Torah which is above the sun (Zohar I, p. 223b). 3

With regard to matters pertinent to today. On this day, the 25th of Elul, the world was created. 4 And commenting on the verse: 5 “In the beginning, [G‑d created] the heaven and the earth,” our Sages [note that there is an extra word את before both the Hebrew word for heaven and the word for earth. They comment] 6 that the entities that stem from [heaven and earth] were also created at that time. The inner meaning of this is that the entire six millennia of the world’s existence and all the events that did and will take place were included in the creation that transpired on that first day. [Our Sages say:] 7 “With one utterance, He could have created....” For that one utterance includes in it all Ten Utterances [of Creation].

If so, it is clear that the ultimate purpose of the creation and its fulfillment after the days of the exile must also be included in that first day, and indeed it is so.

As explained in the texts of Kaballah, 8 the order of creation first involves a tzimtzum 9 which made the existence of the worlds possible. Afterwards, He shined forth a vector of light within the worlds themselves. [Thus] in the beginning “He would build worlds and destroy them” 10 — [referring to] the world of Tohu. Afterwards, He created [our world] and said: “This is satisfying for Me”10 — [referring to] the world of Tikkun. This is alluded to in our Sages’ statement (Shabbos 77b): “At the beginning darkness, and afterwards, light.” [Or to use the wording of the Torah:] 11 “And there was evening and then there was morning.”

The ultimate purpose of creation and its fulfillment is that man should not eat “bread of shame,” 12 but that he derive pleasure from the fruits of his labor in his battle with the yetzer hara until he illuminates the world and transforms darkness into light through his own Divine service. 13

This is alluded to in the creation on the first day: “And there was evening” — the two millennia of Tohu, 14 when the world carried on in darkness. 15 “And then there was morning” — the two millennia of Torah, [of which it is said]: 16 “And the Torah is light.” [This leads to] “one day” — the two millennia of [preparing for and experiencing] the days of Mashiach, during which time the difficult Divine service of the era of exile will be carried out. Its uniqueness will be that it joins together the evening and the morning, making them one day, one essential whole, because “night will shine as day” 17 through the light [that will be revealed when] “G‑d will be one and His name one.” 18

This is also the general mission of every Jewish man and woman: to illuminate the darkness of the world through “the candle of the mitzvah and the light of Torah” until the coming of Yinon, [as implied by the verse]: 19Before the sun, Yinon is his name.” [Then] will be fulfilled the prophecy: 20 “And G‑d will be an eternal light for you.”

As per your request, I will remember your name, the names of the members of your household, and the names of the community members you mention in your dear missive letter at the gravesite of my revered father-in-law, the Rebbe, הכ"מ, for a kesivah vachasimah tovah for a good and sweet year, materially and spiritually.

From one who blesses you and seeks your blessing — for a kesivah vachasimah tovah; regards to your illustrious father, a leader of thousands and myriads of Israel. May he continue for many long and good years in his leadership position. Awaiting good tidings,

Menachem Schneerson

Enclosed is the kuntreis for the coming Rosh HaShanah together with a communal letter that relates to the kuntreis,and also a letter to all the members of the Jewish people wherever they may be.