This letter was sent to R. Mordechai Bistritzky.

B”H, 3 Elul, 5710

Greetings and blessings,

I have not heard from you for a long time. Certainly, you and all the members of your household are well.

Enclosed is a letter that I just received from our friend, who is faithfully occupied with the needs of the community, the great scholar, R. Shlomo Yosef Zevin. 1 You have undoubtedly heard about him. He was one of the leading communal activists in Russia and now he is one of the leading activists in our Holy Land. He is the editor of Talmudic Encyclopedia, etc.

There is no need to motivate a person like yourself with regard to the matter mentioned in the enclosed letter. Undoubtedly, you will do what you can with regard to it.

From the outset, I am extending my thanks to you if you would inform me what you can do with regard to this matter and also for the effort to return the letter to me after making use of it.

With blessings for a kesivah vachasimah tovah for you and for your entire household,

Menachem Schneerson