This letter was sent to the kabbalist and sage, R. Meir Abuchatzeira, who was one of the leading Rabbis in Morocco where the Rebbe had sent shluchim.

B”H, 3 Elul, 5710

After inquiring of your welfare:

With satisfaction, I heard from our representative — [who is involved in] many activities for the sake of the Torah and its mitzvos, who is involved in communal affairs with great faithfulness, and who has many accomplishments in strengthening the Torah and Judaism — R. Benyamin Gorodetzky, 1 about you and your activities to spread the Torah and strengthen Judaism in your community and its surroundings where your influence is felt. As per your request [which R. Benyamin] conveyed, I remembered your name and your household for blessing while visiting the gravesite of the tzaddik, our Nasi, my revered father-in-law, the Rebbe, הכ"מ, for a kesivah vachasimah tovah in all that is necessary, each one according to his situation. Certainly, the tzaddik who, as the Zohar (III, p. 71b) states, is now found in this world more prominently than during his lifetime will bless you and G‑d will fulfill his blessings in both material and spiritual matters, in a complete sense.

In the well-known Epistle 27 2 in Iggeres HaKodesh, written to offer redoubled consolation to “the smitten, who are sighing and groaning” — ([on the connection between the Hebrew words ne’enakim and] naakah, see Or HaTorah, by the Tzemach Tzedek, Parshas Shmos, p. 64) — the Alter Rebbe writes that a tzaddik “leaves over life... to every living being, that is, to the soul of every living being who is bound to [the tzaddik’s] soul..., in each and every individual, corresponding to the degree of his genuine bond 3 [with the tzaddik] and his true and pure love of him.”

It is explained in Inyan HaHishtat’chus 4 that “even with those who did not know or recognize [the tzaddik] during his actual lifetime but only studied the holy books that he left over as a blessing, and who bask in the radiance of his Torah teachings and are thereby invigorated in their service of G‑d,... it is certain that they, too, are called his disciples,... for they believe in that tzaddik and from him they receive the light of his Torah teachings;... the branches are drawn back to their roots.”

So, too, my late, revered father-in-law the Rebbe [Rayatz] explained in a letter 5 that [a chassid] “is able to satisfy his strong desire for a bond [with his Rebbe] only by studying the maamarim of Chassidus that the Rebbe delivers or writes; merely beholding his face is not enough.”

Another letter 6 states explicitly: “You ask, what does your bond with me consist of, since I do not know you by face.... True hiskashrus is attained by the study of the Torah. If you study my maamarim of Chassidus, read the sichos, associate with my friends (the members of the chassidic brotherhood 7 and the temimim 8 ) in their studies and in their farbrengens, and fulfill my request concerning the daily recital of Tehillim 9 and the observance of fixed times for Torah study — in this lies hiskashrus.”

When we will study the Torah teachings and the sichos [of the Rebbe Rayatz], and will walk in this “straight path which he has shown us,” then 10 “‘as water [reflects] a face; so is the heart of man to man’], and 11 ‘spirit rouses spirit and brings forth spirit.’ For his ruach 12 remains truly in our midst...; that is, even in this world of action — [of which it is written], 13 ‘This day: to do them’ — [the departed tzaddik] is found more [than in his lifetime].” And just as here he stood and dutifully served, there too he stands and dutifully serves.... 14

Participating in the holy work of our Nasi represents a very great form of bonding. It is my strong hope that you will grant us your assistance in all possible ways in accordance with what was discussed with our representative, R. Benyamin Gorodetzky. May it be that from you, and others like you, the sublime holy Name will be magnified; Amen, so may it be His will.

Under separate cover, a Tanya and several kuntreisim of the teachings of my revered father-in-law, the Rebbe, הכ"מ , have been sent to you. Please acknowledge their receipt.

Closing with blessings for a kesivah vachasimah tovah; may your health and your Torah increase, enabling you to lead your community along peaceful waters on the path that ascends to the house of G‑d amidst repose and the amplification of understanding. Awaiting good tidings, and there is no good other than the Torah and its mitzvos,

Menachem Schneerson

According to what R. Benyamin Gorodetzky told me, you are in possession of several texts in “the wisdom of truth,” [i.e., Kabbalah,] which were composed by your father and your paternal grandfather. Certainly, they contain “the light of our holy Torah,” which is “more precious than pearls.” 15 It would be very fitting that they be included in our library. Our thanks are given in advance if you will give them as a gift to our collection of books.