This letter was addressed to R. Azriel Zelig Slonim, one of the leaders of the Lubavitch community in Jerusalem.

B”H, 4 Teves, 5711,

Greetings and blessings,

On this day, the day when your son Moshe Shlomo reaches the age of bar-mitzvah, I am sending my blessing — in addition to the telegram I sent — that he grow to be G‑d-fearing, a chassid, and a scholar. May you raise him [and prepare him] for Torah study, marriage, and good deeds amidst prosperity, in the manner that all these concepts are explained in Chassidus.

Thank you for sending here the notice regarding the elections as well as the newspaper clipping regarding the niggun of the Rav of Liadi. You will surely continue to do so1 in the future. Thank you in advance for the trouble involved in [doing] this.

I am awaiting good tidings regarding the girl.... May it be [G‑d’s] will that you always be a harbinger of good tidings of both a general and an individual nature.

Thank you for the information regarding the celebrations of the 9th-10th2 and the 19th3-20th of Kislev, and of Shabbos Mevarchim.4Certainly, in the future, you will also endeavor to hold farbrengens at frequent intervals and add strength in spreading the wellsprings outward, for that is our task at the present time.

I read the pan5for your son when I was at the gravesite on the day before Rosh Chodesh. Certainly, the “tzaddik who has departed and who is to be found in this world more than during his lifetime”6 has given his blessing, and G‑d will fulfill [that blessing] in a complete manner.

I became aware that in the Beis Yisrael neighborhood there is a class in Chassidus,and the mashpia [who delivers it] is Rabbi.... He had [previously] received a stipend from Colel Chabad,but that stipend has been interrupted for several months now. As a result, the class could possibly be weakened or even nullified entirely, Heaven forbid.

I do not know the reason the above-mentioned stipend was interrupted; certainly, there were [valid] reasons and rationales. Nevertheless, when taking into account the fact that this casts a doubt [about the future] of a public class in the teachings of our Rebbe, I would hope that an option could be found in a way that will not interrupt the class. If there is no other possibility, we will participate in the stipend of the aforementioned [person] from here.

With regard to your statements concerning the establishment of classes in Chassidus in several places and your statement that this requires a mashpia and texts, would you please provide me with more information about this, i.e., in which neighborhoods [are the classes held], who are the mashpiim, [and] to which texts were you referring? Without obligating myself with a vow, I will endeavor to see what I can do in this context.

With blessing,

Menachem Schneerson