This letter was addressed to R. Shmuel Dovid Raichik, the Rebbe’s shliach in Los Angeles.

B”H, Zos Chanukah, 5711,
Brooklyn, N.Y.

Greetings and blessings,

Your letter from the 27th of Kislev was just now received. [In it,] the farbrengen of Yud-Tes Kislev is described. You conclude that it was decided to make a parlor meeting on the coming Wednesday in the home of Mr. Wexer and that Mr. Flett will serve as chairman.1

May you be strengthened in this. It is unfortunate that matters of this nature were not carried out prior to this. One should not, however, cry over the past, provided that from now on, effort should be invested in this with the energy reflecting the great importance of these matters. I have enclosed a copy of my letter to Mr. Wexer and Mr. Flett. It is appropriate that you publicize the contents of my letter among the participants in the meeting.

In your letter, you ask [regarding] your desire to travel from Los Angeles immediately after the meeting so that you can be here on the yahrzeit:2 In general, it is very proper that you desire to be here for the yahrzeit. However, regarding the time to travel from Los Angeles: That is dependent on the results of the meeting. It is obvious that after such a meeting, it will be necessary to actually carry out the activities [resolved at the meeting] and collect the funds [pledged]. I am concerned that if you are not overseeing these matters, who knows whether there will be any actual results from this. It is only after the meeting and seeing how the matters progress that you will be able to decide when to travel from Los Angeles.

..Another secondary matter: I seem to recall saying that it would be proper that a group of energetic young men who had previously studied in the LubavitcherYeshivah be formed in Los Angeles so that little by little, [these young men] will gather around them the [local] members of the chassidic brotherhood and those associated with that brotherhood, so that its members will be able to assume their rightful role in Los Angeles and its surroundings. Therefore I asked you to inform me if there is the possibility for members of the chassidic brotherhood to establish themselves there as ritual slaughterers for chickens and for larger animals, and the like, as well as what salary they could command, etc.

Please share the contents of this letter with R. Yehudah Leib Posner or show him the letter itself, because I do not know whether, because of my many preoccupations, it will be possible for me3 to answer him individually concerning his letter.

I am awaiting good tidings at the earliest possible opportunity.

In your letter, you mention R. Shraga Feivish Veiler. You are certainly aware that his son is a communal leader and a great magnate, giving significant sums to his father to distribute to charity as his father sees fit.

When I was at the gravesite, I remembered you for good. In that is also included success in the meeting to be held this week in particular and in all your communal involvements in general. These will be a channel for blessing and success in your personal matters.

With Chanukah blessings that proceed and grow like the kindling of the lights, and that they also shine outside — until [the marketplace] is rid of the feet of the Tarmudites.4

Menachem Schneerson