By the Grace of G‑d
15th of Menachem Av, 5730
[August 17, 1970]
Brooklyn, N.Y.

The Campers and Counselors
Camp Emunah
Greenfield Park, N.Y.

Greeting and Blessing:

I was pleased to receive a report about your life and activities in the camp through Rabbi J. J. Hecht. He also turned in your Tzedoko collection of Tisha B’Av.

As I mentioned on the Shabbos before Tisha B’Av, which no doubt was conveyed also to you, Tzedoko is particularly important in connection with the day of Tisha B’Av to hasten the Geulo in accordance with the prophecy, “Zion will be redeemed through justice, and all that return to her—through Tzedoko.” Especially significant is the Tzedoko before Mincha, when the prayer “Nacheim” is said.

May G‑d grant that in the Zechus of your Tzedoko in connection with the above, and the Tzedoko of all Jews, together with the Zechus of the Torah, which is indicated in the beginning of the verse mentioned above (in the word Mishpot—“justice”), that is to say, the daily life in accordance with the Torah and Mitzvos—should speedily bring the Nechama. Then you, with all other Jewish children as well as adults, will come out to meet our righteous Moshiach, and the days of sadness will be turned into days of gladness, as promised by our holy Prophets in the holy Torah.

With blessing,