By the Grace of G‑d
22nd of Adar, 5723 [March 18, 1963]
Brooklyn, New York

Greeting and Blessing:

I received your undated letter. As requested, I will remember you in prayer for the fulfillment of your heart's desires for good.

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As for the question whether while in Eretz Yisroel you should be interested in finding a Shidduch and how long you should stay there, I believe it is worthwhile for you to look around for a suitable Shidduch, if you have friends with whom you could discuss things frankly and rely on their advice. This also contains the answer to your question of how long you should stay in Eretz Yisroel.

I trust that you have regular Shiurim in Nigleh and Chasidus, which have to be observed everywhere, and especially in the Holy Land, and even more so in view of the fact that you need a special Divine blessing in regard to a Shidduch.

I trust you also observe the three daily Shiurim of Chumash, Tehillim and Tanya.

Hoping to hear good news from you.

With blessing,