By the Grace of G‑d
7th Chanukah Light, 5711
Brooklyn, N.Y.

I was gratified to hear of the forthcoming conference under your Chairmanship in the house of our esteemed friend Mr. . . . this coming Wednesday for the purpose of setting up the machinery for a substantial and consistent participation in our work.

The Merkos L'Inyonei Chinuch has carried on its vital educational work on a national and worldwide basis for the last decade, without any public campaign, dinners or other publicity methods. It has largely relied on the policy of actions, speaking louder than words, and it has enjoyed the privileged position of being personally cared for by the late Lubavitcher Rabbi, my father-in-law of sainted memory, for a substantial part of its budget.

Since our great leader of sainted memory is no longer with us physically, although spiritually he is with us more than ever, a vacuum in the financial position of the Merkos has been created which threatens its very existence. Nevertheless, knowing that it is his will and testament, the work of the Merkos L'Inyonei Chinuch has been maintained in all its ramifications, and, moreover, has been expanded. Thus we have embarked upon a far reaching educational program in North Africa, where we have established a number of institutions bearing the name of the late Lubavitcher Rabbi of sainted memory (Oholei Yosef Yitzchok — "The Tent of Joseph Isaac") for the poor and needy and hitherto neglected North African children and youths.

Words cannot adequately describe the great merits of this work and the paramount duty and unique privilege of participation in it. I trust that you and your associates will help us — in the true spirit of Chanukah — to kindle lights in Jewish young hearts and bring the light and warmth of Judaism into many Jewish homes, and light up every phase of Jewish life with the vitality of Torah and Mitzvos.

Please convey my best wishes to all participants in the conference.

May the Almighty bless you and all yours with good health and success both privately and in your public work, and especially, in your efforts for the Merkos L'Inyonei Chinuch.

Cordially yours,