By the Grace of G‑d
3rd of Shevat, 5713 [January 19, 1953]
Brooklyn, N.Y.

Miss Esther Levenberg

Blessing and Greeting:

I was pleased to receive your letter of the 27th of Teveth, in which you write that you now feel more encouraged and that your Bitachon has been strengthened, and also that of your father.

I was particularly pleased to read that you have started your studies at the Bais Yaakov, and I trust that you are studying with diligence and devotion, which will ensure you success.

You are quite right that with the increased faith and courage, your fears and apprehensions have become less and less, and I hope that they will in time disappear completely. Needless to say that every additional effort in your daily conduct, in accordance with the Torah and Mitzvoth, will bring increased Divine blessings for your success in life. You may, of course, feel free to write to me any time you feel a need for it, even if my reply may be delayed because of my many duties, a reply will nevertheless eventually reach you.

Inasmuch as we are now in the week when we read the portion of Beshallach, in which we have the Song of Moses and Miriam, I trust that you will derive much inspiration from it. It is clear from this weekly portion what an important place Jewish daughters occupied during all times of great importance in Jewish history. The Sons of Moses and all the children of Israel would not have been complete without the participation of Miriam and all the women that joined her. This should inspire Jewish daughters at all times to take their rightful place in Jewish life, which is a place of great responsibility, as well as of great privilege.

With blessing,