By the Grace of G‑d
11th of Teveth, 5716
[December 26, 1955]
Brooklyn, N.Y.

In reply to your letter, after apologies for the unavoidable delay, in which you inquire whether, after reading the Kesuba in the original, according to the Din, it could also be read in English—

There are two points to be considered in connection with this question: (a) The question per se, and (b) consideration of local and environmental conditions.

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With regard to the former, the idea of translating the text of the Kesuba in English, or whatever the spoken language may be, after reading it in its original, is not only permissible, but should be recommended, as unfortunately in many cases the Bride and Bridegroom do not understand the meaning of the text in Hebrew.

With regard to (b), care should be taken to preclude anything that might smack of reform and the customs of that movement, as they use every means of introducing their inimical ways and customs into orthodoxy, wherever they can, changing the traditional text of prayers, as well as of the Kesuba, for which their English versions offer an opportunity to do this.

Sincerely yours,