By the Grace of G‑d
26th of Teveth, 5717 [December 30, 1956]
Brooklyn, N.Y.

Greeting and Blessing:

I received your letter of the 19th of Teveth.

I need hardly emphasize that one should not pay too much attention to what anyone says in the heat of a discussion, which he himself no doubt eventually regrets. And even if he does not regret it, it still does not matter. The important thing is to conduct the business in a friendly co-operation, since peace is the "Vessel" for blessing.

With regard to the plans that you mention, the one of selling the assets of the business and starting in a small way should be ruled out completely, for one should try to enlarge one's business and not reduce it. This should leave the first two alternatives that you mention, that is, either to make your partnership into a corporation in order to attract more capital, or to continue the partnership as is, but in a larger and improved building, etc. The choice between the two depends to a considerable extent upon the preference of your brother, and also what are the prospects of enlarging suitable lines, etc.

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Inasmuch as we have recently started to read the Book of Shemoth, about the enslavement in Egypt and how our ancestors survived it and eventually were liberated, all of which has a direct bearing on recent events, as well as on conditions of Jewry everywhere at this time. I trust that you will find the enclosed message of interest. I hope that you will also find an opportunity to bring it to the knowledge of your friends. May G‑d grant that in the very near future the Divine Promise will be fulfilled for the final Liberation and Redemption through our righteous Messiah.

Although you may have heard the message read at the recent Yeshivah dinner, it is enclosed herewith for you to have on hand, and for reference. Enclosed are the receipts according to your instructions.

With blessing,