By the Grace of G‑d
25th of Shevat, 5736 [January 27, 1976]
Brooklyn, N.Y.

Greeting and Blessing:

This is to confirm receipt of your correspondence, and may G‑d grant the fulfillment of your hearts' desires for good.

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Since the daily life and conduct in accordance with G‑d's Will is the channel and vessel to receive G‑d's blessings, it is well to bear in mind that every additional effort in matters of Torah and Mitzvos is bound to bring additional Divine blessings in all needs, although the Torah and Mitzvos must be fulfilled for their own sake.

In connection with Yud-Shevat, the Yahrzeit of my saintly father-in-law of blessed memory - at whose holy resting place you and yours will be remembered in prayer - it is timely to reflect on his life-long and selfless dedication to strengthen and spread Yiddishkeit. The inspiration of his life and work should surely stimulate each and every one of us to follow in his footsteps with great dedication on our part. All the more so, since his prayers and blessings accompany everyone who carries on his sacred work, for Hatzlocho in this and in all personal needs.

With blessing,
M. Schneerson