By the Grace of G‑d
27th of Sivan, 5734 [June 17, 1974]
Brooklyn, N.Y.

Mr. Mordechai Shoel Landow

Greeting and Blessing:

In response to Mr. Daniel Retter, Journal Chairman, I am sending a message to the forthcoming Journal as per enclosed copy.

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It is gratifying to see further fruits from your planting, and I take this opportunity of congratulating you as the initiator and central pillar of the whole structure.

May you continue to see the good fruits and the fruits of fruits of your labors.

With blessing,
M. Schneerson

P.S. Since writing the above, your letter of June 20 has just been received. Many thanks. Once again, best wishes on the forthcoming Dedication - on the eve of the auspicious day of 12th of Tammuz.