By the Grace of G‑d
15th of Av, 5735 [July 23, 1975]
Brooklyn, N.Y.

Mr. Mordechai Shoul Landow

Greeting and Blessing:

I was pleased to receive just now, through our mutual friend Rabbi Sholom Ber Lipskar, the material and pictures in connection with the dinner. Although I had received previous reports, it is quite different when one also receives photographs and visual evidence of the happy and inspiring atmosphere that prevailed at the affair.

May G‑d grant that the said happiness and enthusiasm should be reflected also in the day to day activities and events in the life of all participants, particularly those who are the moving spirit behind all this. May G‑d grant that this should be so also among all Jews, both those in Eretz Yisroel, of which the Torah says that "G‑d's Eyes are on it from the beginning of the year to the end of the year," as well as in the Diaspora, especially in the United States, where the largest Jewish community, in quantity and quality, lives.

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Since we are now over the period of the Three Weeks, and have reached the auspicious days of the 15th of Av, of which our Sages relate that in olden days there was not a more joyous and festive day than the 15th of Av, because of various happy events with which this day was associated — may G‑d grant that this joy and festivity should be renewed in our time, and Jews everywhere should enjoy lasting prosperity both materially and spiritually. For Jews the emphasis is, of course, on the spiritual, and advancement in matters of Torah and Mitzvos is also the way to receive a growing measure of G‑d's blessings in material affairs as well.

And having entered the period of the Seven Weeks of Consolation, may we soon see the ultimate consolation of the true Geulo and the restoration of the Beis Hamikdosh through Moshiach Tzidkeinu.

With blessing for good tidings in all above, as well as in your personal affairs,
M. Schneerson