By the Grace of G‑d
11th of Teveth, 5718 [January 3, 1958]
Brooklyn, N.Y.

Blessing and Greeting:

Having heard of you through mutual friends to the effect that you are seeking the true path which each and every Jew and Jewess should follow in life, though second-hand information it is always difficult to evaluate, I trust the following lines may be helpful to you.

The importance of heredity in transmitting physical, mental, and spiritual characteristics is well known and obvious, even in the case of several generations. How much more so where a trait is transmitted and intensified over the course of very many generations uninterruptedly, when such a trait became part and parcel of the very essence and being of the individual, his very nature.

It is also clear that when a person — as in the case of all living things-wishes to change an inborn trait which is deeply rooted in him, not to mention something that touches his essential nature, it would demand tremendous efforts and the outcome is bound to be destructive rather than constructive, creating a terrible upheaval in him, with most unfortunate results.

I have in mind particularly the Jew, man and woman, who, belonging to one of the oldest nations in the world with a recorded history of over thirty-five hundred years, is naturally and innately bound up with the Jewish people with every fiber of his life and soul. Hence, such sects or groups which tried to depart from the true Jewish way of life of the Torah and Mitzvoth, could not survive, as history has amply demonstrated. Such dissident groups uprooted themselves from their natural soil and far from being constructive, became the worst enemies of the Jewish people and their worst persecutors.

Only Jews who have faithfully adhered to the Torah and Mitzvoth, as they were revealed on Mount Sinai, have survived all their persecutors, for only through the Torah and Mitzvoth can the Jewish people attach themselves to the Superior and Supreme Power, G‑d, who has given us the Torah and our way of life.