By the Grace of G‑d
11th of Menachem Av, 5717 [August 8, 1957]
Brooklyn, N.Y.

Greeting and Blessing:

My Secretary, Dr. Nissan Mindel, brought your letter to my attention. I was gratified to read that you remember and are aware of your Jewish background and ancestry. I trust that this is expressed in your daily life. Even material things, in this physical world of ours, never become obliterated completely, which is a fundamental principle of science, — how much more so everlasting spiritual things, including also hereditary qualities of the spirit and of character, which come down from generations of fine ancestors. And, since you are in possession of such a valuable heritage, I trust that you will not let it remain unproductive, and will, moreover, allow it to assert itself to its fullest measure. Particularly in our time, when our people have so tragically been decimated, both in quantity and even more so, in quality. It is more than ever incumbent upon those who were fortunate enough to survive, not only to do their share, but also the share of those who are no longer with us. It is also certain that G‑d provides every one with the necessary ability and opportunity to carry out his duty fully.

I send you my prayerful wishes that the influence of your heritage be strongly felt, not only in your own family and immediate circle, but in your community at large, inasmuch as you are privileged to be a man of prominence and influence in your community.

With blessing,